La Paz City Tour and Moon Valley

La Paz or Our Lady of La Paz is the capital of the seat of government of Bolivia. The city was founded on 20 October 1548 by the Spanish captain Alonso de Mendoza.
The city center is approximately at 3650 meters.
La Paz is the second largest and most populous urban area of Bolivia. “One of the 7 cities wonders of the world”
La Paz is a city that amazes visitors with its houses climbing the hills playing with gravity, and Cholitas (native women) with their typical dress give a special color. La Paz is surrounded by forested hills and crowned by the majestic Illimani at 6545 meters

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Chacaltaya and Huayna Potosi Trek

Chacaltaya. Commonly referred to as the “highest ski resort in the world,” is located a short distance from La Paz.  For those of you in search of fresh powder, don’t get your hopes up just yet as the slope is no longer skiable due to the receding glacier (6-10m a year). However, at 5,300m, Chacaltaya boasts some of the most stunning views of the Cordillera Real, the city of La Paz and the seemingly endless altiplano. The best part is that you only have to ascend 200m by foot to reach the summit.

Huayna Potosi. Is the most popular peak in Bolivia as it is easily accessible to novices, At 6088m it surpasses the magic 6000m mark, meaning you’re kicking ass if you reach the summit. This climb is certainly a challenge but attainable to anyone who is acclimatized. It is worth every oxygen-depleting step. The breathtaking views, the twinkling night lights below you and the shimmering stars above you makes you feel like you’re floating between two worlds. The incredible sunrise and views over the city and Cordillera Real mountain range make this climb one of the most memorable and rewarding  experiences in SA.

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