Uyuni Salt Flats

Crossing the largest salt lakes in the world (12,000 sq km) at the elevation of 3650m is possibly the most surreal and amazing experience you will ever encounter. The landscape is extraordinarily beautiful, blindingly white desert surrounded by extinct volcanoes and dazzling red and emerald lakes. Incahuasi Island (often referred to by the misnomer Isla del Pescador) located in the middle of the Salar is home to hundreds of giant cacti captured in the scenic rocky landscape which contrasts strikingly with the salt flats. There are many opportunities to see Andean wildlife in their natural habitat, including the very elegant and rare pink James flamingos.  Adding to the mystique are steaming geysers, boiling mud pots and a chance to experience the welcoming sensation of hot springs in the wilderness at a comfy 30 C

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